February 8, 2019

TraCS Forms

The TraCS application includes many forms that are available to all Participating Agencies.

Below is a list of the forms currently in use. Forms are added and/or changed as need arrises or legal requirements dictate. Many statewide forms are electronically transmitted to other agencies such as DMV and the Court system.

Statewide Forms - Available To All Participating Agencies

  • UTT - Universal Traffic Ticket., Statement of Corrections, Change of Address, Officer Notes and the Court Copy
  • ACC - Crash: DMV forms MV104A, MV104S, MV104D, and MV104L.
  • DWI - Driving While Intoxicated Arrest package: Lab23, Supporting Dep/Bill of Particulars, Refusals and Long Form Informations.
  • Forms - Forms Package: The forms package allows officers to issue Appearance Tickets, take Depositions, Informations, Complaints, and Statements.
  • FIC - Field Interview Card.
  • Vehicle Search - Vehicle Search and Inventory Form used to inventory impounded vehicles and items seized in vehicle searches.
  • MV-78B - Form used for Confiscated, Lost, or Stolen License Plates, Driver License, Non Driver ID, Lerner Permit or Registration/Sticker. .
  • DS-5 - -Request for Driver Review