February 11, 2016

TraCS Application Forms

The TraCS application includes many forms that are available to all Participating Agencies as well as forms that are used only by the State Police.

Below is a list of the forms currently in use. Forms are added and/or changed as need arrises or legal requirements dictate. Many statewide forms are electronically transmitted to other agencies such as DMV and the Court system.

Statewide Forms - Available To All Participating Agencies

  • UTT - Universal Traffic Ticket.
  • ACC - Crash: DMV forms MV104A, MV104S, MV104D, and MV104L.
  • DWI - Driving While Intoxicated Arrest package: Lab23, Supporting Dep/Bill of Particulars, Refusals and Long Form Informations.
  • Forms - Forms Package: The forms package allows officers to issue Appearance Tickets, take Depositions, Informations, Complaints, and Statements.
  • FIC - Field Interview Card.
  • Vehicle Search - Vehicle Search and Inventory Form used to inventory impounded vehicles and items seized in vehicle searches.
  • MV78B - Form used for Confiscated, Lost, or Stolen License Plates, Driver License, Non Driver ID, Lerner Permit or Registration/Sticker. .
  • Incident - Used to track and record any type of call that a Trooper may respond to where a report is needed, includes items such as alarms, assult, domestic, noise complaints, vandalism, etc.

New York State Police Specific Forms

  • CVINSP - Commercial Vehicle Inspection: Used by special details inspecting commercial vehicles.
  • CV Scales - Commercial Vehicle Scales: Used by special details doing weight and measure of commercial vehicles.
  • NON SP ACC - State Police Vehicle Collision Investigation Form for internal use.
  • AMS - Administrative Message System: Form used for tracking of internal investigations and unusual incidents.
  • Enforcement - Used for special detail enforcement tracking, such as Seatbelt Checkpoints, DWI Sobriety Checkpoints, Convincer Simulator Demos, etc.
  • RAD - RAD Anomaly Report.